Coral Specialist

CORAL SPECIALIST was born in 2011. It is an avant-garde shop in the fish tank sector able to satisfy whichever need in this field. Thanks to our overwhelming passion for this wonderful world, we are specialized in the research and maintenance of the rarest species of corals and sea fishes.

Online Coral Shop

We raise our corals under the best possible conditions in order to offer you only the best. Before including them in our tanks, we check them carefully one by one to avoid any parasite.

Our corals from the sections SPS COLLECTION, ZOANTHUS COLLECTION and TRIDACNE are raised and photographed under the new GNC BLURAY LED ceiling lights with a colour temperature of about 15000 k. Our LPS, MUSHROOMS COLLECTION and SOFT&CO corals are raised and photographed under t5 ceiling lights with a colour temperature of about 18000 k.

Aquariums Production

We are specialized in the production of tailor-made both saltwater and freshwater fish tanks, but with a particular attention to sea coral reef aquariums. We can create your dream fish tank in a short time satisfying all your wishes.

In addition to an accurate design and setting up of your aquarium, we deal with its scheduled maintenance according to each different need.

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